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Sunil Pinnamaneni

Founder of APP®, CEO of The Experiment Company

Sunil is one of the founding partners of Finn & Roy Enterprises Limited, which is the holding group of Zealandia Honey Limited, The Three Traders Limited and The Experiment Company Limited.

Sunil started Zealandia Honey with a vision to showcase to the world that Manuka Honey is more than the MGO/ UMF rating. Manuka honey and other Native New Zealand honeys have many bioactive components and multiple benefits that are relatively unknown to people globally. To achieve this ambitious vision, he needed cutting edge research to cast light on Manuka Honey in a way no other company has done. Thus, The Experiment Company Ltd was born with a vision to conduct research and development across all honeys of New Zealand and to scale up research to commercial operations.

Sunil has an experience of over a decade working as a technical expert in the honey industry. He has developed many test methods and was the first in NZ to achieve ISO17025 certification for Diastase, EU market, 2010, Propolis phenolic acids and BIO, 2011 and American Foulbrood, 2012 for Manuka Honey export requirements.

In his brief stunt with AgriTesting Laboratories, Sunil and his team were also the first to achieve ISO17025 for the most economical and eco-friendly 3in1 test for MGO, DHA, HMF and Diastase from a single extraction step.

Sunil has been involved in active honey research since 2011, during which time he has been involved in a number of projects including, creating a blending model to optimize batch making of honey and investigating the correlation between diastase and polyphenols in honey. Sunil’s current work is on Active polyphenols in honey, New Zealand produce and natural beverages.

He is also coordinating and supervising, Dr.Swapna and her team with the research on identifying key markers in Kanuka, Rewarewa, Kamahi, Tawari and Clover honeys. He is also liaising and coordinating research with Dr.Megan from University of Waikato on Diastase in New Zealand honeys.

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