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Dr. Megan Grainger

Analytical and Environmental Chemistry lecturer

Dr Megan Grainger is currently employed at The University of Waikato as an Analytical and Environmental Chemistry lecturer. Her current research focuses on includes trace element analysis of honey, bees, pollen and eels, rapid maturation of whiskey and novel compound isolation, among other food and environmental related research.

Dr Grainger has been involved in honey research since 2006, during which time she has been involved in a number of research projects including, isolating and characterising methylglyoxal, creating a forecasting model to predict the maximum methylglyoxal concentration of an immature honey and investigating affect that methylglyoxal has on the C4 sugar adulteration test.

Prior to her current role as an academic, Dr Grainger worked in a commercial analytical laboratory and held a number of roles during this time (Technologist, Team leader and Operations Manager). She is a technical auditor for IANZ and also a member of the IANZ professional advisory committee.

She is currently chief supervisor for 1 PhD student and 4 MSc students, and co-supervises 6 other PhD students (3 of which are interdisciplinary). She has also supervised 7 summer research student.

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